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Elation Professional is pleased to offer the new Artiste DaVinci, a full-featured yet compact 'theatrical grade' LED moving head spot luminaire and the first fixture in Elation’s new Artiste series. Multi-talented like the artistic icon it is named after, the Artiste DaVinci delivers an exceptional combination of power, color and projection possibilities.
"With Artiste DaVinci we put all the design features that creative LDs ask for in a small package,” states Eric Loader, Sales Director at Elation Professional. "It’s full-featured yet LED-based so it offers a complete palette for the creative designer in an energy-efficient design. This is really the ultimate performance fixture designed for the most demanding theatrical and stage applications and is an excellent example of our commitment to offer best-in-class price/performance ratio fixtures.”

The Artiste DaVinci produces a bright and highly efficient beam. An output of over 13,000 lumens is comparable to 700W discharge lamp fixtures, yet it does not require lamp replacements. Powerful enough to light a stage or set from even the highest trim height, a newly designed 300W LED engine (>7,500K) and advanced optics is at the heart of this enhanced performance and energy efficient luminaire that will shine through even on the largest stages.

The Artiste DaVinci is all about creativity and a range of graphical effects via two gobo wheels and an animation system allow for greater design freedom. One gobo wheel houses 6 rotating gobos while the other houses 9 static replaceable gobos for customized looks. A full 360° bi-directional animation effect wheel brings graphics to life, allowing for the creation of dramatic animated effects such as undulating waves, rising flames, driving rain, drifting clouds, foliage, and more. The Artiste DaVinci incorporates a fast and precisely moving zoom system with auto-focus for more precise coverage. For easy adjustment of beam size as well as beam sharpness, the motorized zoom expands the beam from a tight 7° to a wide 48°.

For lighting designers looking to be inspired, the Artiste DaVinci provides limitless options for creative lighting and will inspire designers to create stunning palettes of light, certain to enhance any experience. It also operates flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

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Date : 27-03-2017


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