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This year’s Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles proved to be another triumph for GLP. The inventory was supplied by PRG’s Los Angeles office and included vast quantities of GLP’s new generation fixtures including X4 atoms and X4 Bar 20’s. These were used in performances by both Bruno Mars and Beyoncé.

Also specified was 20 pieces of impression X1 in custom ‘beacon’ housings designed by Lghting Drector Mike Berger for the performance by A Tribe Called Quest. "By using the X1’s inside a domed housing we created a much brighter and more versatile fixture while still referencing the police beacon look desired by the creative team,” says Dickinson.

Beyoncé delivered a stunning nine-minute performance celebrating her latest pregnancy. Her LD Cory FitzGerald worked directly with the lighting designers Full Flood and the Grammys’ production team, both in order to coordinate the offsite pre-build, and integrate it within the show rig onsite.
Set on floor carts in two rows, multiples of X4 Bar 20’s created the main ‘wall of light’ without being seen, he confirmed. "This formed a scenic element of smoke and light as a backdrop for Beyoncé’s performance, as well as accentuating the musicality, with the complexity that the fixture offers. The fixtures not only created a beautiful background but at the same time were able to punch through and hit the music when needed.”

In summary he said, "The X4 Bars were essential to the look. They are incredibly versatile and easy to work with. In fact, they are becoming a work-horse in the industry and can really do so many jobs at once.”

However, it was the use of the X4 atoms with Bruno Mars that really caught the eye. The set was backed and constructed with more than 340 pieces of the fixture, which now houses an upgraded 30W light source.

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Date : 16-03-2017


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