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The wedding industry in Israel is a massive and highly competitive sector with fierce rivalry amongst the top venues to offer the best facilities making good technical production in the main reception rooms an absolute key to ensuring each event is trending so when Nesher Edri launched his new enterprise LARA, he specified 60 x Robe VIVA LED spots.

Having the very best production values has also underpinned the LARA concept, so the 60 x  VIVA LED moving heads are right at the core of the lighting rig above the main dancefloor. "I simply wanted absolutely the best sound and lighting and so I chose Robe - I think it's the best, he declared.

The VIVAs together with the rest of the lighting production were supplied by Danor Theatre & Studio Systems and are installed on a series of Matt black triangular low-profile trusses in the roof of the main room. "Ive been in the industry for a long time and working with Robe products for many years," says Nesher, "but this is the first opportunity to actually own any fixtures."

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Date : 15-03-2017


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