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A metal band that’s recorded hits with names like "Cry For The Moon” doesn’t normally cover music written by the likes of Antonio Vivaldi, Antonín Dvořák and Giuseppe Verdi, but then again, nothing about Dutch sensation Epica can be described as "ordinary.” In addition to performing the works of these and other classical composers, the six-member band has put its own fresh, original and totally captivating metallic symphonic spin on music from films like Star Wars, Spider-Man and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Erwin Van Lokeren, who has been the band’s LD and set designer for ten years, created a seemingly endless variety of different looks for every song the band performed during their 22-city tour, using a compact -- yet creatively fertile floor package -- that included four LED strobes and 12 CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures supplied by JDI Productions.

"My ambition is to give each song a new look, so I can reflect the band’s musical spirit in light,” said Van Lokeren. "I use only two colours when lighting a song. When you have too many colours in a song, you can fall into a trap that makes the lighting for the next song look unoriginal or uninspired, because you wind up repeating. There are a very few times when I will have three closely related colours in a song, but that is the rare exception

In place of multiple colours, Van Lokeren often relied on variations in movement to impart a sense of uniqueness to the lighting for each song. The Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures, with their five independently controlled moving heads and 360⁰ rotation, provided him with a powerful tool for varying movements. "With 12 fixtures each having five moving heads, I essentially had 60 lights to move around,” he said. "Controlling each head individually gave me a great many creative options. I was able to cover the stage with some very original looks.”


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Date : 14-03-2017


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