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Switzerland is home to some impressive musical talent some of whom were honoured in February at the tenth anniversary of the Swiss Music Awards in Zurich. Lighting Designers Thomas Gerdon and Nik Evers were tasked with lighting a colorful mix of live acts and chose Elation fixtures for the job including Platinum FLX and Platinum HFX hybrid luminaires along with Elation’s new Fuze Wash Z350 LED wash lights and ACL 360 Matrix LED moving head panels.

The main visual element of the set design were large scenic video cubes that gave the set both height and depth and were used to colour the space in dynamic graphics. Positioned in the largest scenic cube directly above centre stage were 20 ACL 360 Matrix fixtures that Gerdon used for a variety of purposes. He explains, "We pixel mapped all the ACL 360 Matrix fixtures, so we used them for pixel mapping effects. We also used them as generic wash lights in some songs and in other songs as a back light. So they really had a lot of jobs and they worked really well.” Using 25 individual 15W RGBW LEDs and with a tight 4-degree beam from each lens, the fixture’s continuous 360-degree movement and individual pixel control make a variety of dynamic effects possible.

Also used on the show were 12 Platinum HFX, a mid-sized spot/ beam/wash moving head with the same intelligent optical system as the award-winning Platinum FLX. The FLX and HFX were positioned on two vertical trusses each side of the stage – 12 total on each side – with the FLX working from the outer truss. The hybrid modes of both fixtures were used throughout the show from backlight washes of colour to big beam barrages and big gobo looks.

The awards show was a big hit with Gerdon reporting that feedback from the producers and directors was extremely positive, stating that they have never seen a show like this in the 10-year history of the awards.

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Date : 09-03-2017


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