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For the second consecutive year, a large quantity of ADJ lighting fixtures were used to transform the massive Maaspoort Sports and Events space in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, for the Shockerz hard-style dance event. At the last installment of the annual party over 100 ADJ units were deployed, however this time the bar was raised dramatically with almost 200 fixtures spread across two huge dance arenas.

With an epic line-up of Dutch hard-dance DJs and live PAs, this year’s Shockerz event was dubbed ‘Project F.E.A.R.’ and attracted thousands of partygoers for 11 continuous hours of intense music. With the DJ booth positioned at the centre of it all, the effect of the set was impressive in itself. However, with the addition of a vast number of ADJ lighting fixtures rigged to the truss, the complete effect was truly awe-inspiring.

Impressed with the performance of the variety of ADJ units used for the previous year’s Shockerz party, the local Dutch AV company, Trend Productions team, decided to return to ADJ for the majority of the lighting fixtures used across the event’s two large rigs. They were particularly impressed by the reliability of all the units, encountering no problems or malfunctions across the whole complement of fixtures used for the event.

Lighting Designer Sjors van Erkeland specified no less than 96 of ADJ’s 108-watt LED-powered Inno Color Beam LED moving head beam fixtures, spread across the vast expanse of truss. This allowed the crowd to be bathed in vast swathes of richly coloured light. Interspersed with the Inno Color Beam LEDs, the Trend Productions team also rigged 24 ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R moving head fixtures for GOBO projections and further mid-air effects generated by the units’ in-built 8-facet prisms. These were further augmented by 12 of ADJ’s flagship Vizi Hybrid 16RX fixtures.

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Date : 03-03-2017


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