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Tyumentel, a building contractor based in Tyumen, made a huge present to the citizen of the Russian city of Tyumen completing the outdoor reconstruction and indoor renovation of the Neftyanik Palace of Culture. Built in the 70’s, its recent renewal process transformed it into a true recreation centre dedicated to the most different cultural and recreational needs.

As part of the exterior renovation of the palace, a brand new LED lighting system was required for the façade. A pleasant contrast between dynamic colours and static cool white light was demanded for the two front walls, whose square columns could be easily enhanced by single rays of light.

GRIVEN’a lighting fixtures were specified for the coloured parts of the building, in order to deliver a colour changing effect to the main façade. An array of DIAMOND units in RGBWcolour configuration have been installed at the base of the front columns of the building in order to deliver a striped pattern while lighting up their protruding surface. As a decorative element for the building, a light line located at the corners of the palace has been delivered by a number of Griven PARADES.
Providing an extremely bright light output, DIAMOND is the perfect choice for a vast array of architectural lighting applications, which require powerful and even colour wash effects at medium distances. Based on an efficient combination of strikingly powerful RGBW full colour LEDs, this compact and versatile fixture is ideal for spot lighting and wall washing owing to the wide selection of exchangeable optics groups available, ranging from spot aperture beams to elliptical distribution.

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Date : 03-03-2017


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