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 In the great Texas tradition of going big, Houston welcomed the Super Bowl with a number of exciting attractions, including the Houston Skylight high on top of the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB).  Houston First Corporation, which maintains GRB, asked Nimblist to conceive and execute the Houston Skylight, a rooftop beacon that marks the centre of the city’s cultural activities.

Nimblist designer and creative consultant Spike Brant devised an array of 36 Claypaky Supersharpy fixtures, were useed mounted on staging. The Supersharpys swept the sky with powerful searchlight-style beams and created numerous lighting effects as well. Few fixtures are powerful enough to meet the demands of the Skylight’s searchlight-style application. 

Given time, budget and logistical constraints Brant couldn’t use lights that had to be mounted by cranes,  were a big power draw or had high maintenance issues. So Brant thought of Supersharpys, which he had never used before but believed might be the right choice.   When used collaboratively the Supersharpy’s low-wattage beam light could challenge a traditional searchlight, reaching never seen before mid-air distances.  It’s not only an incredibly powerful beam light, it also provides the utmost in terms of light quality and number of effects.

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Date : 27-02-2017


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