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Photo: Ralph Larmann
Photo: Ralph Larmann

Swiss artist DJ BoBo is celebrating his 25th anniversary on stage by touring the grand new show, 'Mystorial'. From April  it will visit Switzerland, Austria and other parts of Europe, including 24 arenas in Germany before heading down to South America

It has already received its world premiere during a two-week opener at the vast Europa-Park amusement park in south-west Germany, where a new arena has been built specially to host the production. 'Mystorial' takes fans on a fascinating journey through time, mixing well-known hits with new songs, supported by a five-piece band, backing singers and 60 dancers.

TV and industrial lighting specialist, Thomas Gerdon of GERDON design, was responsible for the lighting in conjunction with his partner Thomas Dietze, who has worked with the artist for nearly 25 years as his touring LD. Together they chose 65 of GLPs true hybrid GT-1 fixtures as their workhorse.

Gerdon explained, "We wanted to do something really special and talked at length about fixtures. We wanted something small and light, with high output for keylighting and with the versatility to perform the role of Beam, Wash and Spot. So we opted for the GT-1."

On this show he is using multiples of GT-1 washes on ladders inward facingfrom the wings, with others set on the back, mid and front trusses some for washes, some for gobo animation with the remainder on the floor. On the big moments they will produce a complete white-out, he says.

As a final testament to the GT-1 Thomas Gerdon says, "Often when working with hybrid fixtures one of the weakest things is the colour mixing system, but the GT-1 has smooth colour mixing and can deliver a lot of colour options. That makes it pretty unique in fact its far ahead of the competition in the hybrid category. 

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Date : 24-02-2017


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