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Photo: Alya Malinovarenevaya
Photo: Alya Malinovarenevaya

An exclusive Claypaky rig of almost 300 cutting-edge moving-head fixtures delivered the high-impact lighting for international game developer and publisher Wargaming Group's highly anticipated debut video game event 'Wargaming Fest' in Moscow's Expocentre.
Production and lighting designers Maxim Martynov and Jevgenij Juhnevich of Moscow-based production company MAX MAX Productions specified 81 x Claypaky Sharpy, 56 x Claypaky Stormy CC, 46 x Claypaky Mythos, 22 x Claypaky Alpha Profile 1500 and 76 x Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K20 supplied by Russian rental and production outfits Arlecchino Techno and MF Group.
"The work during the preparation period of the show was extremely detailed," says Max Martynov. "We discussed every second, every costume and every colour with the Wargaming team. This design tenacity followed through into our desire to achieve the 'perfect lighting quality' through extensive pre-programming and the selection of Claypaky fixtures."
Throughout Wargaming Fest audience members were encouraged to take part in real-time video game tournaments that were live streamed across the globe. Lighting designer Jevgenij Juhnevich created an immersive lighting environment using the Mythos and Alpha Profile 1500s to unify the show's live gaming tournaments, musical performances, product demonstrations and 20,000 strong live audience.
"The Mythos and Alpha Profile 1500 have great intensity of light," says Max Martynov. "The brightness and integrity of colour make them ideal for televised events such as the Wargaming Fest."
The Claypaky Mythos has an advanced CMY colour system based on three gradually fading color wheels with an additional 14 colour filters on three wheels, as well as two CTO filters (3,200K and 2,500K) and one CTB filter to ensure congruent translation of colour for the camera; vital for Wargaming's live streamed elements.
To create key moments during the event the MAX MAX team utilized the diverse lighting effects of the Sharpy, Stormy CC and B-EYE K20s.
"Claypaky fixtures always perfectly complete any show," says Jevgenij Juhnevich. "They're incredibly versatile. Whether I'm using them on a live performance, an onstage conference, or a gaming festival like this one, they never fail to provide me with everything I need."

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Date : 17-02-2017


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