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South Korean based LIVE-LAB have recently learnt and used to great effect the CueCore1 and CueCore2 products. Lotte World theme park is one of the largest in South Korea. LIVE-LAB specified and installed the CueCores for solid-state architectural lighting control within the theme park. The CueCores were used to control the lighting fixtures within the Halloween House. When visitors walked in they could select a button that would activate a strobe and "killĒ a zombie.

After these first successful installs in the theme park, LIVE-LAB has gone on to use the Visual Productions products in a couple of other installations. In Samcheok (a province of South Korea) a CueCore was used to control the lighting of projections in the window of the main Cinema here. More recently in Yoeju, the CueCore was used to great effect for a riverside lighting installation called Big Rock. The rock face was lit up with projections from a media server and lighting fixtures. The CueCore controlled all these fixtures and was triggered using the onboard schedular.

As a result of these installations LIVE-LAB's CEO, Bonggill Chu and Visual Productions' Sales Manager, ZoŽ Castle talked about expanding the opportunities in South Korea through distribution of the entire product range. The deal was sealed during LDI in Las Vegas and Visual Productions are proud to welcome LIVE-LAB as their new distributor for South Korea.

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Date : 02-02-2017


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