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ETC now has a new way to connect with end users and lighting and rigging professionals around the globe, thanks to the introduction of the company’s new blog, called 'et cetera'.

The blog came from a desire for a platform to share the interesting projects, ideas and accomplishments that ETC encounters every day. "We want to bring to light the stories and pictures that inspire and drive us, and to capture what is beyond ETC – the ‘et cetera’ of our world," describes ETC Marketing Communications Manager Wendy Orfan.

ETC’s blog will be a mix of posts written internally by ETC employees and externally by guest bloggers from inside and outside the industry. Initial posts cover topics as varied as a breast cancer awareness event, the Easy-Bake Oven, and a charity that uses low-tech methods to bring light to people with limited access to electricity.

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Date : 27-01-2017


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