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Emma Marrone's Adesso Tour 2016 stopped off at all the major sports halls on the Italian peninsula, along with a dynamic stage installation and an interesting lighting rig put together by lighting designer Mamo Pozzoli. The Claypaky A.leda B Eye K20s were most impressive and stole the show with stunning features. They are top performance wash lights, breathtaking beam lights, and spectacular, original visual effects generators. Their unparalleled versatility makes them an extremely interesting creative tool for all lighting designers.

"I used the A.leda B Eye K20 massively. Let's say they played one of the leading roles in the effects during the show," which was entirely produced by Emma together with Luca Mattioni.

The dynamic set structure, various scenes, moving video surfaces, video and visual content, music, choreographies, and lighting design "are properties of the show's visual design, consisting of side-lighting, illuminated details, silhouettes, areas ‘burned’ by the lights, shadows, light and shade effects, and back-lighting.” All these elements become living material for the director and the lighting design. in this project, I wanted lights which could ensure high performance on the effects front, so I went for Claypaky A.leda B Eye K20s to have units that would actually offer several possibilities.”

All the parameters of every LED pixel may be controlled and the B-EYE K20 has introduced a totally innovative feature, the front lens can be rotated to create lots of small light compositions, which may be opened and closed like petals. By adding colour and dynamic graphics, the B-EYE turns into a unique effect light, capable of generating countless visual effects, unlike any LED luminaire before it.

"I had to make some aesthetic choices. I worked out how they could be used in my show idea, and I pushed very much in that direction. I created morphing effects and animated structures within the individual LEDs on the light, by playing with the zoom and playing with the alternation of the double colour effect possible with this unit. I adjusted the colour of the master and background to generate a whole host of effects that somehow, in my head, were able to represent a continuation of the visual world.”

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Date : 25-01-2017


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