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In October 2015, Pulpit Rock Church in Colorado Springs received extensive water damage due to several days of heavy rain that, unfortunately, fell during a re-roofing project. With almost every room damaged, including their main worship space, Pulpit Rock underwent a building renovation that included a house lighting upgrade to Elation Colour Pendant LED colour-changing downlights.

The new design for the non-denominational church’s main sanctuary called for a warm, inviting atmosphere that allows everyone to worship however they feel comfortable. Design/build company SOA of Colorado Springs steered the church in the direction of the Colour Pendant fixtures, a dynamic lighting solution that replaced outdated fluorescent architectural fixtures.

"The project architect had spec'd white light LED pendant fixtures for the space to replace the fluorescent fixtures but we proposed the Colour Pendant’s as a colour mixing alternative,” stated SOA Vice President Daryl Porter. "Being able to dim and colour match the architectural lighting to the theatrical lighting provides them with the ability to create many ambient looks and ‘feels’ specifically tailored to differing events.”

Sixty Colour Pendants are suspended from a concrete ceiling structure in the space and used as a flexible house lighting solution that allows the church to create any mood or atmosphere they desire. They have the versatility to be used as variable white lights for the main worship space or as full-colour immersive wash lights when required.

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Date : 20-01-2017


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