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Photo: Wild Rice
Photo: Wild Rice

Lighting designer Adrian Tan from Light Project is using Robe’s CycBar 15 fixtures to - very efficiently - light the cyc on W!LD RICE’s award winning ‘Monkey Goes West’ production, which is playing a limited holiday season run at the Drama Centre Theatre in Singapore.

The production first premiered in 2014 and Adrian recalls that in the initial creative discussions they didn’t want it to be "just another pantomime” so instead looked at more unconventional ways of lighting the cyc, which was a fundamental to creating ‘another world’ onstage to which the audience could relate.

Additional creative considerations included the need for a strong Asian culture influenced primary saturated colour scheme to run throughout the performance, and the fact that the overhead lighting rig also needed to be flexible due to the venue’s stage and overhead rigging space.

Adrian decided he wanted to use an LED Cyc batten from the outset and for this run, Robe’s CycBar 15 was the option he chose. The fixture is a lightweight static 1 metre linear strip with 15 bright, equally spaced RGBW multichip LEDs offering homogenized output smooth colour mixing and linear dimming.

The 12 x CycBar 15s are positioned about 1.5 metres away from the cyc and fitted with 70 x 35 degree diffusers. Their effect is visible for around 70 per cent of the show, helping to create elements like mood, weather and time of day.


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Date : 18-01-2017


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