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TV Azteca, the second largest mass media company in Mexico, has invested in Robe Pointe moving lights which were specified by Head of Lighting Miguel Osorno and Lighting Manager Manolo Toledo.

The fixtures will be used at TV Azteca’s main broadcast complex in Ajusco in the south of Mexico City which has 7 studios. they will be used there and on another 11 studios at their other main site across the city in Tlalpan. TV Azteca broadcasts two networks – Azteca 7 and Azteca Trece - and 10 cable channels covering a wide mix of programmes, including news, soaps, quiz shows, music, reality, etc.
Lighting for all the programmes utilizing the studios is designed and co-ordinated by Manolo and Miguel – the department is working 7 days a week - and there are outside broadcasts on top of that

"We are extremely happy, it’s been a solid investment,” says Miguel who thinks the prism is an excellent feature, as well as the frost which effectively transforms it into a wash fixture and he also loves the gobo selection and the crisp, clean quality of the lightsource.

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Date : 16-01-2017


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