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Photo: Jorrit Lousberg
Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

André Beekmans from creative lighting design practice The Art of Light based in the Netherlands produced three stunning lighting schemes and supplied programming / operating crews for the three major live venues at the 2016 Amsterdam Music Festival.

The Art of Light specified over 500 Robe fixtures across the Amsterdam Aren A, the Ziggo Dome and the Heineken Music Hall, the majority of which were deployed in the Amsterdam Aren A, the largest stadium in the Netherlands.

A hard-hitting high impact rig was needed to wow the crowds through day and night, and Robe was chosen as the main moving light brand, with 80 x Robe BMFL Spots, 11 x BMFL Blades, 152 Pointes, 128 x LEDBeam 100s and four LEDWash 600s.

The BMFLs were his main spots on AMF, rigged in a series of trusses above the stage and audience. "The brightness is fantastic and really helped during the daylight hours" he confirmed adding that "no other moving spot lights” would have worked in this context as, apart from the daylight issues, the trusses were all trimmed at around 27 metres, so the intensity of the BMFL was vital to the design.

Eleven BMFL Blades were used for front key lighting. Again he needed a super bright source to throw from the 27 metre height, and they needed the shutters for fine-focusing.

22 Pointes provided the funky array of base looks needed to keep the energy pumping throughout the series of superlative performances, picked for their powerful beams, multiplicity of effects and for being able to double as beams or spots plus the frost filters and prisms.

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Date : 10-01-2017


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