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Lighting Designer Thomas Gerdon of GERDON design has again used an Elation Professional lighting package to light the German television program 'Verstehen Sie Spass' this time for two autumn season shows. Gerdon employed Elationís Platinum FLX and Platinum HFX hybrid moving heads to light artist performances and was also one of the first LDs anywhere to use Elationís new Fuze Wash Z120 LED wash light.

The FLX, HFX and Fuze lights were used on a live show which had the best viewer ratings of any 'Verstehen Sie Spass' show in five years. Lighting supply for both shows was by TV lighting production company Cape Cross Studio and Film Lighting of Cologne.

Broadcast from Bavaria Studios in Munich, 'Verstehen Sie Spass' airs twice in the spring and twice in autumn on Germanyís ARD television network. Gerdon began designing lighting for the show in 2015. For colour wash across the set, he turned to Elationís new Fuze Wash Z120 LED wash fixture, a single source PAR moving head luminaire with 120W RGBW COB LEDs and 7° to 55° zoom.

"I really like the idea of this fixture and itís something Iíve wanted for years,Ē he stated, referring to the Fuzeís homogenized output and non-pixel look face. "There is no other LED with a single lens look where the LED appears as a wash on camera. There is nothing else on the market like it and just that makes it interesting. Itís a unique fixture. But it also has really good colour and the zoom in it is really nice.

Gerdon used 20 of the Fuze Wash Z120 fixtures in the setup. On the live show he had them placed in a circle on the floor around the lead vocalist while on a pop star performance he used them as a background for the lead vocalist with some fixtures lighting up the skirting around trampolines and podiums. When greater output is required, Elation also offers a 350W version, the Fuze Wash Z350. Gerdon also used 16 Platinum FLX and 16 of Elationís mid-sized Platinum HFX hybrid fixtures on the shows with the FLXís placed on the floor of the set around an orchestra of 60 people and zoomed out completely for greater coverage.

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Date : 15-12-2016


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