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My Morning Jacket (MMJ) founder and frontman Jim James embarked on a solo tour this autumn, opening on the West Coast and closing Dec. 18 at Iron City, Birmingham, Alabama.  Veteran MMJ Designer Marc Janowitz conceived a "forest” of 57 Solaris Mozarts as a main design feature for the tour.

"The Mozarts are used as stand-alone fixtures,” explains Janowitz, "each one mounted at the end of goosenecks, LP claws, mic stand boom arms, and other lightweight audio accessories.  I designed them to look as if they were growing out the ends of these "branches.”   There are sets of these "trees” downstage, mid-stage and upstage, creating a three-dimensional forest of lights for Jim and his band.  Mozarts are super bright, but not in a way that it hurts to look at them, and although they’re promoted as RGB their mixed white is excellent.”

Space optimization is always a major consideration for bus/trailer tours.  Janowitz adds, "I’m always on the lookout for lightweight light sources that can be dispatched with minimal structure or rigging.  The 4x4-inch, one-pound Mozart is the perfect solution for creating an intentional and unique environment that is flexible and diverse.  We’re using them primarily as a lighting and environmental source, although we do pixel-map them for a few songs.”

TMB is exclusive worldwide distributor for Solaris Mozart.

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Date : 13-12-2016


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