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PAR CANs, the most widespread projectors in the world, were the evolution core of live show, theatre and TV performances in the last decades, in spite of their simplicity.

DTS owes to these projectors a lot of his success: in 30 years of activity - the first PAR was made in 1982 - in his own plants, were produced over than 8 million of pieces and, during this long period, DTS’s PARs became a market standards for their resilience and quality. As well as for their price, outcome of high production automation level and fully robotized workstations.

Just in these days DTS will finish the shipment of the last PAR pieces and will proudly greet the forefather of a long list of projectors that have grown and improve an Italian company that, still today, designs and manufactures all its products in Misano Adriatico - Italy.

Now that the PAR production line is closed leaving room for new cutting edge technologies, we are proud to verify that DTS works with the same passion that follows through an extraordinary evolution.

Web Link: www.dts-lighting,it

Date : 08-12-2016


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