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Photo: Taylor Wallace for aLIVE Coverage
Photo: Taylor Wallace for aLIVE Coverage

Ever since Atlanta-based lighting designer Greg Ellis discovered Robe’s BMFL moving lights which were launched in 2014, he has been recommending them to as many people as possible and continues to be "consistently impressed" with Robe’s subsequent product launches.

He just finished the latest leg of a Pretty Lights US tour where 36 x Spikies and 14 x BMFL Spots graced his lighting rig and helped create a stylish and invigorating show for rising star DJ and music producer Pretty Lights with whom he has worked for the last seven years.

The 'Episodic Festival Tour' comprised five 2-day experiences staged over different weekends at interesting and cool locations around the U.S.including Telluride in the Rocky Mountains, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, both in Colorado, as well as Chicago, Nashville and New Hampshire.

The rig didn't change but the idea was to embrace the different surroundings each time and Greg’s task was to give each one a special and significant ambience. This involved a lot of improvisation and thinking on his feet which is where the BMFL Spots and Spikies came in.

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Date : 30-11-2016


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