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Gear-Source, Inc. and Metalworks Production Group announce a partnership to improve the supply of® listings and used gear inventories within Canada.

Metalworks, built originally as a demo space for multi-platinum Canadian Hall of Fame rock band Triumph, has grown to become the most respected recording studio complex in Canada winning the "Recording Studio of the Year” Award at the Canadian Music Week Industry Awards an unprecedented 17 times. Nearly 200 gold & platinum awards have been racked up recording acts such as Drake, Prince, and Guns n Roses.

Gear-Source founder and CEO, Marcel Fairbairn says, "we’ve been doing business with Metalworks both as a vendor and customer, but I had no idea of their history and importance not only to Canadian music, but global music recording, education and production. This company is very impressive. Metalworks founder and CEO Gil Moore has meticulously grown his businesses with the same quality and attention to detail he used to develop his band, Triumph’s live show to become notorious for over the top effects, explosions and awesome visuals.”

Discussing this new partnership, Gil says "I am a believer in working with the experts in every field and I’ve always thought of® as the preeminent gear experts, so this makes a lot of sense for our
future development.”

Beginning in November, the companies will begin offering trade-in and liquidation services throughout Canada and North Central USA. Gear will purchased, transported, packaged, listed, sold and warranted through
Metalworks in Ontario, Canada. In addition, Metalworks will list their own inventory and will become a key vendor to the company through its new Power Vendor program.

Marcel continues, "businesses who choose not to sell through our normal channels will be able to liquidate immediately through this new partnership. Additionally, we’ll continue working with manufacturers, who’ve begged us to roll out additional trade-in options. We are excited to get this off the ground in November.”

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Date : 22-11-2016


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