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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Riding a wave of success with a breakout EP and hit single "Gold,” singer-songwriter Kiiara made her television debut on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, with a back line of Elation ZCL Series lighting fixtures to support her. Used for backdrop visuals in the form of columns of eye-catching vertical lighting effects was Elation Professional’s ZCL 360i single beam moving effect light.

"We chose to use the ZCL 360i because we needed a stand-out lighting element that had a variety of effects and one that could respond to the demanding cadence structure of the song’s tempo,” said Michael Keeling, Vice President of Entertainment at SEIBO LLC, a leading production and event company based in Palos Verdes, California. With a style of music described as downcast electronic pop with rap elements, Kiiara’s "Gold" recently cracked the Top 10 on pop radio with the official music video reaching over 45 million views.

"For those that know my design work, I like to have an illumination source that provides a simple but dominate statement,” Keeling adds. "The ZCL 360i was that highlight that I was looking for to support the balance of the visual design.”

 SEIBO served as Line Producers and General Contractors for the show and supplied the fixtures through sub-contractor BML-Blackbird Theatrical Services. Keeling served as Creative Producer/Production Designer on the show with programming done by Brian Spett.

Keeling used 36 units for the performance, displayed in vertical array columns. "It was the real-time on-demand responsive and reset function to the unit’s pan and tilt features that I was very impressed with for this application,” he said. "It’s a great unit and I will use it again in the future.”

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Date : 16-11-2016


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